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The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (Göran Olsson, 2011)

I will never not reblog Brother Kwame Ture

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Ordinary people. The courage to say no.

The photo was taken in Hamburg in 1936, during the celebrations for the launch of a ship. In the crowd, one person refuses to raise his arm to give the Nazi salute. The man was August Landmesser. He had already been in trouble with the authorities, having been sentenced to two years hard labor for marrying a Jewish woman.

We know little else about August Landmesser, except that he had two children. By pure chance, one of his children recognized her father in this photo when it was published in a German newspaper in 1991. How proud she must have been in that moment.

I enjoy things like this immensely.

Get in there August Landmesser. What a fittingly brilliant name he has by the way.

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This Week In History: 12-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durrah is shot to death in his father’s arms by Israeli troops

On September 30, 2000, the second day of the second intifada, the father and son were caught in a cross fire and hid behind a concrete cylinder. For 45 minutes Jamal al-Durrah shielded his son from Israeli fire as several bullets narrowly missed them. He desperately waved and shouted: “Don’t shoot!” but to no avail.

Muhammad al-Durrah was shot four times and eventually slumped across his father’s legs, who was also shot and lost consciousness. 

An ambulance driver who tried to rescue the boy and his father was also killed, along with a jeep driver, and a second ambulance driver was wounded. Muhammad lay bleeding for at least 17 minutes before an ambulance was able to pick them up.

Take note of that, people

The ambulance that went to try and rescue the two was also shot up by “The Most Moral Army in the World®”

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This is the kind of thing that gets me going.  No one gets it.

Oh, I definetely get it. It’s not surprising that sexual assault is three times the national average in the police community. There is a correlation between sexual deviancy and power hunger.

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"Remember how you felt on 9/11? Every day, U.S. foreign policy makes innocent people feel even worse."

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Living Under Drones

An important new report from the Stanford and New York University law schools finds drone use has caused widespread post-tramatic stress disorder and an overall breakdown of functional society in North Waziristan. In addition, the report finds the use of a “double tap” procedure, in which a drone strikes once and strikes again not long after, has led to deaths of rescuers and medical professionals.

“Through our report we would like the American people to understand that the narrative they have heard about drones is not accurate. That drones cause death to civilians, they terrorize entire populations and they may well be counter productive at many levels.”

- Professor James Cavalarro, Director of Stanford Law School’s International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic

Watch the rest of the report here.

Related: New Stanford/NYU study documents the civilian terror from Obama’s drones, ‘Every Person Is Afraid of the Drones’: The Strikes’ Effect on Life in Pakistan

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Hypocrisy at its finest.

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“I am a Jewish jihadi”

Interesting response to the “savage” poster in 49th Street station.


ooh, totally different from the others!

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